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Maybe you haven’t said it out loud…but that feeling is still there. Those thoughts pop up. Sneaking in to your daily routine. Sometimes you feel uneasy or anxious for no reason. Even when things are going well you still can’t help but feel….off. Not yourself. But you don’t have to carry that stuff around anymore. It doesn’t have to weigh you down and effect work, your relationships, your self-esteem. Change is hard – and finding the words to figure out what’s wrong may be difficult – but not impossible. That’s where therapy comes in.


  • Do you feel no one understands what you are going through?
  • Have you experienced or witnessed a traumatic event?
  • Seems like you keep repeating the same patterns?
  • Are Depression and Anxiety controlling your life?
  • Do you want to enhance the intimacy and communication between you and your partner?
  • Are you struggling with remembering what fuels you? What you’re passionate about?


Take back control.    Take back your life.    Feel like YOU again.


How Can Therapy Help?

I’m known as the therapist who gets you through the messy stuff. I’m not afraid to tackle issues that fall in to the “grey area” or start the difficult conversations. My specialized training in Emotion Focused Therapy and unique therapy approach allows me to guide you through heavy fog and remove obstacles that may have been plaguing your life for years. My work allows trauma survivors and first responders to heal & regain control. I guide individuals and families through the dark to find the light and support during a divorce. In my office couples learn how to reconnect & enjoy one another whether at the dinner table or between the sheets. Most importantly my clients learn it is possible to heal and THRIVE again.

My goal as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist is to provide you with individualized counseling that utilizes your strengths and provides you with realistic tools that you can use outside of session to achieve lasting change and growth. Asking for help can feel uncomfortable, even unnatural but the results are worth it.

What’s Therapy with Rachel Facio like? Watch!

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